Why Are My Teeth Losing Their Whiteness?

Why Are My Teeth Losing Their Whiteness?

If you’re a fan of coffee, tea, or red wine, you might be paying for your enjoyment with dimmed teeth that are no longer gleaming and white. This can make you hesitant to “smile big.”

A number of factors contribute to tooth discoloration and staining, but treatment is available that’s noninvasive, safe, and, most importantly, yields amazing results!

Dr. Ali Saeghi and the Modern Age Dentistry team have helped countless patients restore the beauty of their smiles by offering a range of services that address many issues, from ceramic crowns and dental implants to restore your smile to a range of cosmetic dentistry options, all the while ensuring that every member of your family gets the best care.  

What causes stained teeth?

We mentioned that certain things you eat and drink can stain teeth over time. In addition to discoloring beverages, tobacco use causes discoloration, and eating certain carbohydrates like pasta can set your teeth up to become discolored sooner. 

Other causes include:

In the case of fluoride, too much exposure can produce white spots on the teeth, and medications and illness can also lead to discoloration, such as radiation and chemotherapy used to combat head and neck cancers. Certain infections that pregnant mothers experience can also cause discoloration and affect enamel development in their babies’ developing teeth in utero.

How can I restore whiteness to my teeth?

There are whitening toothpastes on the market, as well as many at-home whitening treatment options, but having your teeth whitened by a professional with much experience and expertise, like Dr. Saeghi, is hands down the best option if you want excellent and natural-looking results.

After much research, Dr. Saeghi chose to offer the innovative Phillips Zoom teeth whitening platform to his patients because of its many benefits. After nearly three decades in practice, he only embraces treatments he considers safe and advantageous for his many patients, with whom he considers developing a trusting relationship very important.

Dr. Saghi was sold on Phillips Zoom’s ease, painlessness, time-efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Another benefit is that this is the only in-office whitening treatment that includes an FDA-approved component designed to ease post-treatment sensitivity. 

Before Zoom teeth whitening, Dr. Saeghi performs a thorough dental evaluation and determines if there are specific spots in your mouth that may be particularly sensitive. He then has the ability to choose a color that matches your own teeth precisely. The broad range of shade choices is impressive, allowing him to truly customize the whitening process. 

When he starts your whitening process, Dr. Saeghi uses tools that help him see and gain access to your teeth for the whitening treatment, a cheek retractor and bite block. The cheek retractor protects your soft tissue, and a bite block keeps your jaw open, but you don’t feel discomfort. Cotton is also used to keep your teeth isolated.


Once this setting up process is complete, Dr. Saeghi applies whitening gel in phases, between brief breaks. The process isn’t uncomfortable, and we check on you throughout to give you anything you need. Should you feel any sensitivity and alert us to it, Dr. Saeghi can put another gel product on the affected areas to provide relief. 

People are often surprised that the process is neither complicated nor lengthy, since Dr. Saeghi doesn’t have to do any mixing of products. It’s important to remember not to eat anything for 30 minutes following your treatment. 

After treatment, Dr. Saeghi offers advice about preserving your results, which include recommending a good whitening toothpaste, using a straw when you drink darker beverages, and rinsing your mouth out after eating or drinking foods and beverages that are known to stain, like coffee and acidic tomato sauce. And if you smoke, this is a great reason to quit! 

It’s very rewarding for us to see how delighted our patients are after their whitening treatments, and how proud they are of their dazzling smiles! Call the Modern Age office that’s nearest you to schedule a teeth whitening consultation, or set up an appointment to get the treatment. You can also use our convenient online booking tool. We have offices in Los Angeles, Ojai, and West Hills, California. 

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