The Many Benefits of Family Dentistry

Family meals, family game night, and family vacations are all lots of fun, but family dentistry? Believe it or not, yes! While we realize that every family member seeing one dental professional may not sound quite as fun as a family movie event, it still offers you and your family quite a few advantages.

Dr. Ali Saeghi and the dedicated team at Modern Age Dentistry not only provide expert, compassionate dental treatment, but they also want to make care as easy and seamless as possible for you and your family. 

Family-focused dental care: Why it works

When Dr. Saeghi started his practice, he did more than just create a menu of advanced treatments, from routine dental care to root canal services, emergency care, and more. He designed his practice to meet the needs of patients with diverse lifestyles, recognizing that families in particular need great care that’s hassle-free. 

If you haven’t considered the idea of getting dental care for you, your spouse, your children, and even your parents at one office, you should now, for several reasons:

    1.  Certain dental troubles run in families

Most of us have heard about the fact that our health “portrait” contains many hues: Your lifestyle, such as diet and exercise, greatly impact your health, but so does the fact that, for example, your mother developed high blood pressure early in life, or your grandfather was diagnosed with glaucoma. 

The same is true for certain dental issues. Studies have shown that a genetic factor can cause children’s teeth to be up to 64% more cavity-prone. We also know that a higher risk of gum disease and bite problems can be inherited. 

If Dr. Saeghi is aware of your oral health challenges, he can be on the lookout for similar indicators when treating your kids. This allows him to take a proactive and preventive approach.

    2.  Support with early dental hygiene training 

Dr. Saeghi and our team encourage you to teach your toddlers from an early age how to brush their teeth, using fluoride toothpaste. As more teeth come in, sometime between ages 2 and 6, give them guidance on flossing also. There are ways you can make it fun, and remember, you're modeling for them at all times, so take great care of your teeth too!

When we treat families, we can support parents in their efforts to teach, encourage, and reward good dental hygiene practices for the kids. 

    3.  Your children see dental visits in a positive light

Some adults have negative memories of getting dental care from their childhoods. By sharing the same dentist, your kids can associate a visit to the dentist as a positive experience. Dr. Saeghi and the Modern Age staff are warm and gentle, and we’re here to answer all your children’s questions in a developmentally appropriate way.

The sooner your kids can become comfortable with routine care and our office environment, the better. Instead of feeling anxious about coming to see us, they’ll actually be excited! And for any patient who feels uncomfortable, we have our sweet therapy dog, Princess, on site to offer comfort!

    4.  Consistency is key

By maintaining a long-term relationship with Dr. Saeghi, you don’t risk getting care that’s random or unfocused. Instead, we treat you like friends when you visit, because you are. 

The more we get to know you and your family — and everyone’s teeth — the better we can spot anything unusual or problematic. If several generations of your family see us, we can address everything from your children’s checkups to your own implant, cosmetic dental procedure, and your parent’s dentures.

    5.  Emergency care, at the ready

Let’s face it. Kids fall, sustain sports injuries, and experience unexpected dental trauma, whether it’s a chipped tooth or worse. 

In instances like these, time is of the essence. Dr. Saeghi is always available to treat emergencies that befall any member of your family.

    6.  Life is simpler with a family dentist

Because you’re not driving to and from different dental offices for each member of the family, you save both time and trouble. We’re happy to see and treat all of you, and having a more streamlined care experience means less stress — and who doesn’t love that? 

We want to be “Dental Central” for your entire family, and consider it an honor to be entrusted with caring for each member of your family. 

Call whichever of the Modern Age Dentistry offices — in West Hills, Ojai, or Atwater Village — is most convenient for you and schedule a consultation to discuss how we can meet all of your family’s dental care needs today. You also can book an appointment online

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