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4 Popular Treatments for a Smile You’ll Love

4 Popular Treatments for a Smile You’ll Love

Problems with how your teeth look can make you unhappy with your smile, a core component of your overall look. If you’re not proud of your smile and hide it, your self-esteem is likely suffering. 

Then there’s the psychological impact of smiling. Some research has found that smiling — even in a posed, premeditated way — can lead us to feel happier. But if you’re wanting to cover up rather than reveal your smile, could it bring you down?

There’s good news, fortunately. Cosmetic dentistry offers solutions for a host of problems that detract from the beauty of your smile. Dr. Alistair Saeghi and the Modern Age Dentistry team are experts at addressing a wide range of smile flaws that bother many, from dingy, discolored teeth and chipped or missing teeth. 

When Dr. Saeghi assesses your smile, you can talk together about what you’d like to change and the treatment plan that would work best for you, depending on your goals.

The top cosmetic dentistry treatments

Available, widely popular treatments can give you a smile you never thought possible. Through the combined benefits of Dr. Saeghi’s talent and eye for detail and advanced technology, you could walk out of our office with a whole new attitude and look — thanks to a handful of popular innovative treatments. 

1. Teeth whitening

This is a big-impact but simple in-office cosmetic treatment that erases stains caused by everything from red wine, tomato sauce, and other foods and beverages known to discolor your teeth to certain medications.

In just a single visit, Dr. Saeghi can dramatically lighten your teeth and brighten your smile with the innovative Phillips Zoom whitening platform. Treatment is painless; he applies whitening gel to your teeth, and, voila! The results are nothing short of incredible. This treatment is the only one that comes with an FDA-approved product to soothe post-treatment tooth sensitivity, if you experience any.

2. Veneers

Veneers are paper-thin coatings that Dr. Saeghi applies to your teeth to hide a plethora of problems, including chips, cracks, stains, oddly shaped teeth, gaps between teeth, and more. 

Before you get your veneers placed, Dr. Saeghi has an impression of your mouth created so your veneers can be precisely customized. When you come into the office the next time, Dr. Saeghi removes just a bit of the enamel on the teeth to be treated, so the veneers adhere well to your tooth surfaces. He then has another impression made of your teeth that will enable your veneers to be precisely customized. 

When you visit us again for placement, Dr. Saeghi makes certain that your veneers fit perfectly, match your teeth exactly, and then he affixes them to your teeth with a special dental cement, following it up with curing using a light made just for this purpose. 

Since veneers camouflage so much, you can remake your smile into something you’re proud of, quickly and comfortably.

3. Dental implants

dental implant is a permanent restoration that involves Dr. Saeghi placing a replacement root for your tooth that is a tiny titanium component. During this minor procedure, you receive general anesthesia to ensure your comfort. For a couple of months, your jawbone grows around the implant. 

In the next step, Dr. Saeghi places a small post, or abutment, atop your implant, which will be where your new “tooth” goes. That “tooth” will be a crown or dentures that you can remove. 

Implants are wildly popular because they’re comfortable, permanent, place no limitations on what you can eat, and look completely natural. Plus, you can care for them after placement just as you do your natural teeth. 

4. Invisalign treatment 

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that’s different from metal and other types of braces, in that it is:

With Invisalign, you receive sets of clear plastic trays that fit snugly around your teeth. These are switched out every couple of weeks and allow your teeth to reposition comfortably and gradually. 

Another advantage of Invisalign is that trays can be removed when you eat and drink, and no food becomes “forbidden” while you’re undergoing treatment. 

We offer another aligner-based treatment platform called ClearCorrect, which also gives you all the advantages of braces, minus the hassle and discomfort. 

We’re proud to offer top cosmetic dentistry treatments to patients seeking the simplest, most comfortable, and proven means to transform their smiles from “blah” to “ahh!” Dr. Saeghi can help you select the right treatments for you that will deliver dazzling results quickly.

Call the Modern Dentistry office closest to you to make an appointment, or book one online. We’re located in West Hills, Atwater Village (Los Angeles), and Ojai, California. 

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