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When Crowns Are the Best Option

When Crowns Are the Best Option

Thanks to exciting dental advances, patients have many treatment options that can address specific problems, whether a missing tooth, repairing a cracked, chipped, or broken tooth, or discoloration

Dr. Ali Saeghi offers advanced dental care using the most innovative solutions. He’s deeply invested in creating personalized treatment plans that meet every patient’s unique needs. Dr. Saeghi also listens — an important trait that allows him to understand your dental goals, comfort level with treatment, and more. The entire Modern Age Dentistry team is dedicated to giving you the most comfortable, stress-free, and successful treatment experience possible at all of our Southern California offices.

What is a dental crown?

Put simply, a dental crown is essentially a protective cap that covers a tooth. In a sense, it “makes up” for what the tooth is lacking if it’s chipped, weak, or otherwise compromised.

Crowns are made from many materials, including stainless steel, metal, porcelain fused to metal, resin, and ceramic. 

Dr. Saeghi favors ceramic crowns for his patients because they’re highly durable and natural looking. Another major plus? In most instances, he can fit you with a crown with same-day service.

Dental crowns are frequently the right treatment choice

Dental crowns have numerous benefits, but possibly the most persuasive is that the treatment is so versatile — a dental crown is a supremely protective yet attractive answer to an array of dental problems:

In addition to solving a wide array of dental issues, dental crowns fit your tooth like a glove, keeping decay at bay. Dr. Saeghi is able to create an exact match that looks just like the rest of your teeth. 

What’s more, once you get your crown, you don’t have to think about it again — it functions just like your real tooth. You care for it in the same way, with brushing and flossing.

Getting your crown is a seamless process

Since we offer same-day crown placement service, you’re in and out of our office quickly, with no return office visits required. We know people are busy, so this has been a boon for patients.

When you come in for your crown, Dr. Saeghi evaluates your mouth and takes X-rays to make sure you’re all set to receive it without complications. It’s critical that your tooth doesn’t have any decay and that its roots and your bone can provide robust support for the crown.

Dr. Saeghi then numbs your tooth and the tissue around it, in preparation for filing it down so the crown will fit properly. If you have the opposite problem — a deficit of tooth material that needs building up — he will do that. 

Then, Dr. Saeghi takes an impression of your newly rebuilt tooth and the tooth that’s either below or above it, and your crown is crafted based on these impressions. 

Our preference is to provide your crown in a single visit, but if that’s not possible, he can place a temporary crown on your tooth until you return for the permanent one. When he places the crown, Dr. Saeghi uses a strong dental cement and ensures that the fit is right and that it feels great and looks fabulous.

Our patients are consistently delighted with their porcelain crowns, and Dr. Saeghi is available to answer questions before, during, and after your procedure.

Call the Modern Age Dentistry office that’s easiest for you to visit and make an appointment with us for this excellent restoration, or book one online. We have offices in Los Angeles, Atwater Village, West Hills, Canoga Park, Ojai, Oak View, Los Feliz, Woodland Hills, and Calabasas, California.

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