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How to Prevent Health Problems From Crooked Teeth

A crooked, misaligned smile doesn’t only make you doubt you’re looking your best; it also poses risks that threaten  your oral and overall health.

We’ve learned that the condition of our mouths and teeth affects our immune systems, heart health, risk for diabetes, and more. In other words, the health of your teeth and the rest of you aren’t independent of each other. 

Dr. Ali Saeghi and the Modern Age Dentistry team offer compassionate, expertly rendered dental care for many conditions, and if your concern is malocclusion, the technical term for crooked teeth, we can help. 

Many contributors to crooked teeth

There are many types of malocclusions, but some of the most common ones are overbites, when your upper teeth protrude further forward than your lower teeth, underbites (the opposite of an overbite), overcrowding of teeth, and a missing tooth or teeth, to name a few. 

All of these problems can lead to health challenges down the road if they’re not addressed by a professional.

Health problems that stem from crooked teeth 

Some of the issues that arise because of crooked teeth may surprise you:

An unaddressed malocclusion can initiate a cascade of health problems, both oral and overall, as we mentioned earlier.

An innovative  solution for crooked teeth

Since Dr. Saeghi strives to offer only the most proven, safe, and effective treatments to his patients, he has embraced Invisalign orthodontic treatment. The platform is completely different from traditional braces.

Invisalign treatment involves using custom made clear plastic aligners on your upper and lower teeth, which you can take off and on yourself. You receive replacement aligners every two weeks that are slightly different, and these subtle changes are what cause your teeth to shift gently and gradually. 

Dr. Saeghi crafts your treatment plan using scans or impressions of your teeth, allowing him to discover the malocclusion you’re dealing with and its severity. This enables him to pinpoint exactly how your teeth will shift over time, and how long treatment will take, so you can know what to expect. During treatment, you see Dr. Saeghi about every six weeks so he can monitor your progress.

Invisalign allows Dr. Saeghi to precisely forecast your tooth movement, thanks to SmartTracktechnology.

You need to wear your aligners for 20-22 hours per day, and when your treatment is done, we provide you with a retainer to preserve your newly restored smile.

Invisalign is very popular with patients because the treatment:

In addition to Invisalign treatment, we also offer another aligner treatment platform called ClearCorrect.

Treatment with ClearCorrect offers the same plusses as Invisalign, and Dr. Saeghi can help you decide which treatment is best for you.

Call one of our Modern Age Dentistry offices in Los Angeles, West Hills, or Ojai, California, and schedule an appointment to learn more about Invisalign and ClearCorrect. You may also book one online.

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