How to Care for Your Temporary Crown

How to Care for Your Temporary Crown

Your dentist has an array of treatment solutions at his disposal for making your smile more dazzling. One of them is the dental crown. Though the process of placing a crown can be done in a single visit, sometimes it’s necessary to fit you with a temporary crown and have you come back for the final fitting. 

Dr. Ali Saeghi has expertise in crown placement, but he offers more than just technical expertise. At Modern Age Dentistry, you feel well cared for and will never feel that Dr. Saeghi is in a hurry. This is because he isn’t, and wants to truly take the time to hear your questions and concerns, and determine the ideal treatment for you. You can choose among three offices — in Los Angeles, West Hills, and Ojai, California.

Dental crowns are versatile dental solutions

A ceramic dental crown serves a couple of purposes. Cosmetically, a crown can conceal an oddly shaped tooth, a discolored tooth, or a dental implant

A crown can also be protective and shield a tooth that’s decayed, keep a cracked tooth from breaking, or stabilize any tooth that has a sizable filling in it. Dental crowns are also ideal for supporting a dental bridge or rebuilding a tooth that’s broken or badly worn. 

Getting a dental crown

Modern Age Dentistry has perfected the crown process. After ensuring that the tooth that’s going to receive the crown has no decay present that needs to be addressed and has roots and surrounding bone that are sufficient to accept the crown, you’re good to go for receiving it. 

Next, Dr. Saeghi numbs the tooth that will receive the crown, as well as the area surrounding it. He then files down your existing natural tooth so that it can accept the crown. Conversely, if the problem is decay or a gap, Dr. Saeghi can fill your tooth so that the crown placement will work. 

Dr. Saeghi follows this step with making an impression of your tooth that’s to receive the crown, as well as the ones above and below it. Your crown is created using this unique-to-you impression. 

Though Dr. Saeghi tries whenever possible to place a crown in one office visit, this isn’t always possible. When this is the case, you’re fitted with a temporary crown to wear until your permanent one is made and can be placed. Dr. Saeghi affixes the temporary crown with a special temporary cement.

Proper care for your temporary crown

Though you won’t have your temporary crown for long, it is more delicate than your permanent one will be, so it’s important to take good care of it. Your temporary crown protects your tooth or implant location, enables you to have a cosmetically attractive smile with no gaps, and lets you chew and eat comfortably. 

You’ll likely have your temporary crown for one or two weeks, and it’s important to give it some TLC:

By taking care to protect and preserve your temporary crown for the period of time you have it, you make your overall crown treatment more successful.

Once you return for your permanent crown placement, Dr. Saeghi again numbs your tooth and the area around it and places your new crown — this time with permanent cement. He ensures that the fit is “just right” and that you feel comfortable with your new crown. 

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