Benefits of a Family Dentist

Benefits of a Family Dentist

We’re all looking to simplify and streamline our lives as much as possible these days, and one way to save time and energy is to establish your entire family as patients of a dentist devoted to family dentistry. But do such providers exist?

Fortunately, we do! Here at Modern Age Dentistry, Dr. Ali Saeghi offers a full range of dental services, including an emphasis on services for families. This was a deliberate choice for Dr. Saeghi, because he saw the need. 

Offering dental care for patients of all ages means that your dentist must undergo specialized training and have sensitivity to a patient’s unique needs, whether they’re 8 or 80. 

Dr. Saeghi and his competent and caring team are your partners in care who do all they can to make your child’s early dental experiences positive ones, since these are what form their attitudes about the dentist.

Different ages, different dental needs

In order to commit to serving a family’s dental needs, a dentist must be specially trained in pediatric dentistry, as well as the multitude of treatments that adults typically need, from providing dental implants and placing crowns to offering cosmetic services like veneers and orthodontic treatment with Invisalign.

If children are included as patients in a practice, the dentist must be comfortable with treating them and understand the developmental differences that exist among very young children, elementary school-aged kids, and adolescents. The dental office and staff must be friendly and offer a welcoming environment for children and adults alike. 

A prime opportunity to build a good attitude about going to the dentist

Here’s something that might surprise you. Between 50 and 80% of adults in the US have some level of dental anxiety, and this can lead to individuals delaying getting dental care or even avoiding it for long periods of time. Often, this stems from negative childhood dental experiences. 

When a child can start out feeling like going to the dentist is a positive thing, they’ll be enthusiastic about developing good dental hygiene habits, especially if their parents model them, too.

Dr. Saeghi makes every effort to encourage children to be open about any dental pain or fear they may be feeling, and counsels parents on what they can do to ensure their children have a good attitude about coming to see us. 

Some things that help are scheduling your child’s appointment at a convenient time, making sure they’re not hungry or tired, and talking about the dentist positively yourself. As they learn the importance of excellent oral hygiene, you can set a good example at home or even make brushing and flossing time a family activity. 

Some people aren’t aware that we also welcome you staying with your child during their appointment, which goes a long way toward keeping them comfortable. If you speak positively about the dentist and your child has good experiences, they won’t associate us with discomfort, but if they express trepidation about the dentist, listen attentively and honor their feelings. 

Children are curious too, and Dr. Saeghi is eager to answer all their questions. 

Family (dental) matters

When you choose Modern Age Dentistry to be your family’s one-stop dental care provider, Dr. Saeghi can pay special attention to conditions that are hereditary and can be monitored closely in younger patients. 

These include a tendency toward developing cavities, gum disease, and even tooth crowding and crookedness issues. Having the entire family’s dental records in one place makes it easier to note whether familywide dental concerns exist, and to treat them promptly in children. 

What constitutes a family-friendly dental practice?

We talked about what a family dentist can do to welcome children as well as adults, but there’s more to growing a good family dental practice. The office needs to be available to busy working parents, who need to find the time to come for their own appointments, bring their children in for checkups and treatments, and possibly do the same for parents or other older family members. 

In response to these needs, Modern Age Dentistry’s business hours accommodate even the busiest schedules. We offer multiple convenient locations in Los Angeles, Ojai, and West Hills, California; we’re open on Saturdays; and no matter what your age, there’s no way you’ll be able to resist the charms of our sweet therapy dog, Princess. She’s an expert at soothing kids and adults and making them feel comfortable while they’re being treated. 

It might be time for you to consider the practical and emotional benefits of having a family dentist. Call our scheduling line at the Modern Age location of your choice to make an appointment, or use our convenient online booking tool.

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