8 Reasons You Need a Ceramic Crown

Dental crowns are the multitaskers of the dental world, and hide a plethora of problems. They’re sturdy, customized restorative coverings for teeth that are placed right over the remaining portion of your tooth, and the high-quality crowns that are made today are so good, no one would ever guess your crown is anything other than your own tooth. 

The team at Modern Age Dentistry, led by the clinically accomplished and highly respected Dr. Ali Saeghi, is not only versed in fitting you with a dental crown, but they’re also committed to educating you about the crown’s many benefits. You can receive a crown at any of our offices — in Los Angeles, Ojai, or West Hills, California. 

Several materials are available for crowns, including resin, metals, porcelain, and ceramic. We favor ceramic crowns for the many advantages they offer. 

The top 8 reasons you should opt for a ceramic crown  

We’ve broken down what we see as the most significant plusses that ceramic crowns offer:

   1.  Durability

Like all crowns, the ceramic variety protects your tooth if it’s cracked, stained, chipped, or degraded by decay, or if you have a very large filling. A crown is also an ideal solution for stabilizing a dental bridge or covering an implant. Ceramic crowns offer uniquely stabilizing qualities that address all of the vulnerabilities mentioned above.

   2.  Cosmetically superior

Ceramic crowns are beyond natural looking, and Dr. Saeghi has the ability to match them to your own surrounding teeth precisely, to the shade. Take a peek at our gallery to see some beautiful work with crowns.

   3.  Tailored to you

Because your ceramic crown is crafted using a mold of your own teeth, when Dr. Saeghi places it, there’s no chance that it will be too snug or too loose around your tooth. This impacts the comfort of your crown — the goal is for you to feel like there’s nothing there at all.

   4.  Protective quality

Because of your ceramic crown’s superior fit, your existing tooth isn’t exposed to any food or beverage debris. In turn, your real tooth is protected from bacteria exposure and further decay.

   5.  Anti-allergy

All risk of any reaction due to metal allergies is removed when you opt for a ceramic crown. Ridding yourself of this worry lessens your overall stress at our office!

   6.  Restorative capability

Many patients we treat with crowns don’t even realize that, prior to treatment, they were overworking their other teeth when chewing because of the sensitivity of their exposed, damaged tooth. Once your ceramic crown is on, you can eat even the crispest, crunchiest apple with abandon.

   7.  Front and center benefits

Because of ceramic crowns’ natural look, they’re perfect if you happen to need a crown on any of your front teeth. Again, Dr. Saeghi is capable of matching it to your own teeth exactly. 

   8.  Convenience

One of the most frequent things we hear about why patients love their ceramic crowns, apart from how they look and feel, is the fact that in most cases, we can craft your crown and fit you with it on the same day — a feat that most dental offices can’t match. 

After the dentist takes an impression of the teeth, it has to be sent to an off-site lab so the crown can be manufactured. Not so here at Modern Age. We have our own department dedicated to crafting crowns, and your crown is made while you wait. 

After it comes back, Dr. Saeghi places it, ensures that you’re comfortable, and voila, you’re on your way, with a dazzling smile!

With all these compelling reasons to choose a ceramic crown, all you have to do is set up a consultation to discuss your needs and learn about the process. Call the Modern Age Dentistry office most convenient to you and he’ll be happy to answer your questions, or book an appointment online

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