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5 Ways Veneers Can Improve Your Smile

Few people - including celebrities - are born with picture-perfect smiles. But more often than not, those flawless grins have been cosmetically enhanced. Veneers are a simple, minimally invasive technique we use at Modern Age Dentistry to improve your smile.

The thin porcelain shells cover up numerous imperfections to enhance the look of your teeth so you’ll never want to stop smiling.

1. Close gaps and hide imperfections

If you have gaps or misshapen teeth, you may spend a lot of energy hiding them behind closed lip smiles. But veneers can fill in gaps and hide imperfections to improve the appearance of your teeth and make you want to smile wide. The thin shells are designed specifically to fit your teeth, meet your cosmetic needs, and closely match the color of your teeth to give you a natural, yet flawless, look.

Veneers can replace one tooth or several. And to ease any qualms you may have about staying power, we bond the veneers to your teeth with a special glue and curing light for a strong and durable hold.

2. Make your smile white and bright

Teeth whitening is a simple fix for many people, but not everyone responds well to whitening agents. If you have dental stains caused by medications or had too much fluoride when you were a child, teeth whitening products may not work for you. But veneers can cover up those stains and improve the look of your teeth to give you that bright movie star smile.

Veneers are also more resistant to stains than the natural enamel on your teeth so they stay whiter longer. However, after getting veneers, we recommend you come into our office as scheduled for your cleanings and checkups so we can keep your teeth and veneers white and bright with our special non-abrasive polishing paste.

3. Cover cracks and chips

Veneers not only improve the look of your teeth but also provide additional strength and resilience. If you have cracks or chips in your teeth, veneers provide an extra layer of protection that might help prevent further damage.

It’s important to point out, however, that while veneers can fix a number of conditions, if your tooth is severely damaged, we might recommend a different form of treatment, such as a crown or dental implants, to improve both the look and health your tooth.

4. Straighten without orthodontics

Veneers can give you a straighter smile without having to go through the pain and hassle of braces. The veneers reshape your teeth to make them appear more aligned.

This cosmetic treatment works best on minor misalignments. If the placement of your teeth affects your bite or the health of your mouth, we may recommend orthodontic treatment.

5. No more gummy smile

If your gums tend to take over your smile, you may want to consider veneers. Each set of veneers are custom-made to fit your mouth and desired smile. The veneers can be made to provide more balance to your smile so you show more teeth and less gum.  

If you want that movie star smile, call us or book an appointment online for an evaluation to see if veneers are a good fit for you.

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