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Make School a Little Easier With Invisalign

The school year is about to begin, and whether your child will be entering a traditional classroom or visiting with teachers and classmates online, you want them to have the self-assurance they need to succeed. Everyone feels more confident when they know they look their best, and that’s especially true during the preteen and teen years. 

If your child feels self-conscious about their teeth, it can take a major toll on their self-confidence — and that can have a direct impact on their ability to do their best at school, with friends, and during extracurricular activities.

At Modern Age Dentistry, we help kids in Ojai, West Hills, and Los Angeles, California, look and feel their best with state-of-the-art Invisalign® aligners. Invisalign helps kids get straighter teeth and more beautiful smiles, so they can focus on the more important stuff. Plus, with Invisalign, your child won’t have metal brackets and wires to get in the way. Here’s how Invisalign can help your child this school year.

Invisalign: benefits for tweens and teens

Considering your smile is the first feature most people notice, it’s not surprising that when your mouth is full of metal, that’s going to have a direct bearing on the way you present yourself to others. Metal braces are even visible when you talk, and that means if your child feels really self-conscious about their braces, it’s a good bet they’re going to participate less in class and interact less socially.  

With Invisalign, you can give your child all the benefits of traditional orthodontic treatment, but without the hassles metal braces can bring. That’s because Invisalign uses clear aligners that are virtually invisible while your child is wearing them. With Invisalign, your child can straighten their teeth discreetly, avoiding the feelings of self-consciousness that can be especially painful during the tween and teen years.

Benefits for kids and their parents

As important as the clear design is for kids (and adult patients, too), it’s just one of Invisalign’s benefits. Even the American Dental Association recognizes the advantages of clear aligners compared to traditional metal braces. When taken together, all these benefits mean a more comfortable treatment for your child and less headaches and frustrations for you both.

They’re completely smooth

With Invisalign, there are no sharp brackets or wires to irritate sensitive cheeks and leave sore spots inside your child’s mouth. Plus, no brackets means no painful “tightenings” to keep your child’s treatment on track. Instead, every two weeks, your child swaps their current aligner for the next one in the series. Slight differences in each aligner set maintain smooth movement without the need for uncomfortable adjustments.

They’re easy to maintain

Gentle brushing and rinsing keeps aligners in good shape, plus they come with a protective case for those times when your child has their aligners out for meals and snacks. It’s a lot easier for your child to brush and floss their teeth, too, since they don’t have to navigate around brackets and wires.

Your child can eat what they want

With metal braces, your child will have a lot of dietary restrictions to remember. Chewy, hard, or sticky foods can wind up breaking wires or clogging brackets — and if that happens, it means another trip to the orthodontist’s office. With Invisalign, your child removes the aligners before meals and snacks, so they can eat the foods they love. Afterward, your child can quickly rinse their mouth to remove food particles, then slip the aligners back in.

They tend to work faster

While traditional orthodontic treatment with metal braces can take up to three years, clear aligner treatment is often completed in 18 months or less. In each case, your child’s treatment plan will be customized for them.

They “fit” the busiest schedules

With metal braces, your child needs to visit the orthodontist at least once a month for checkups and adjustments in order for the treatment to move forward. With Invisalign, your child comes in once every six weeks or so for a checkup, so we can ensure their treatment is on track. That makes it a lot more convenient for today’s busy families.

Give your child the confidence to succeed

You want to give your child the tools they need to succeed in school and beyond. With Invisalign treatment at Modern Age Dentistry, your child will get all the benefits of straight teeth and a more beautiful smile all the way through adulthood. As a top orthodontist practice with locations in Ojai, West Hills, and Los Angeles, California, getting treatment is convenient, too. To find out more about Invisalign treatment, call our team to set up an appointment today.

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