How Dental Crowns Can Protect Your Damaged Teeth

How Dental Crowns Can Protect Your Damaged Teeth

Dental crowns — also known as caps — are tooth coverings that serve a cosmetic purpose and hide smile flaws, but even more importantly, they offer significant protection to a tooth that was damaged and vulnerable to future damage. 

Dr. Ali Saeghi places ceramic crowns for his patients. Ceramic offers several advantages over other materials.

Dr. Saeghi and the Modern Age Dentistry team are dedicated to delivering gentle, safe, and compassionate dental care using state-of-the-art tools and treatment platforms. 

The protective power of the dental crown

Your dental crown beautifies your smile because it looks natural and restores function of the treated tooth. You may have started favoring other teeth when chewing and biting; now you won’t have to. However, one of the most important aspects of the dental crown is its ability to protect the tooth it covers from future decay, since it fits atop your natural tooth like a glove.

It protects the vulnerabilities that motivated you to seek dental treatment in the first place:

The crown can prevent further damage from happening to your tooth, future dental pain resulting from it, and the need for additional, possibly more complex and costly dental treatment. 

An easy process

In most cases, Dr. Saeghi offers a one-visit crown process, during which he performs a complete evaluation and X-rays to ensure that he has a complete understanding of what’s going on with the tooth that will receive the crown. He needs to make certain that your tooth can support a crown; if he discovers significant decay, the situation may call for a root canal, which is another procedure he performs safely and comfortably for you if needed. 

We apply a numbing agent to your tooth to be treated and the surrounding tissue so you’re comfortable as Dr. Saeghi files your tooth down so it can accommodate the crown. He may also need to fill your tooth, depending on its condition.

The next step is making an impression of this redesigned tooth so the ceramic crown can be custom-made for a precise fit. Most crowns require just one visit to us because we have our own milling machine onsite to make the crown, but if you need to return to the office because your case is more complex, Dr. Saeghi places a temporary crown for you to wear until he places your permanent one using special dental cement. 

You’ll be delighted with how comfortable your new crown is and free from worry about your tooth sustaining further decay or damage. Your smile will dazzle, since Dr. Saeghi can match the porcelain used for the crown to your tooth shade quite precisely. 

When it comes to crowns, you’ll understand why our tagline is “Where science is committed to art!” Modern Age Dentistry is dedicated to balancing form with function in your treatment journey.

Call the Modern Age office closest to you to schedule a crown consultation today to learn more, or book an appointment online. We have offices in Los Angeles, West Hills, and Ojai, California. 

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