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Help! My Teeth are Yellow

Help! My Teeth are Yellow

If you find yourself stifling your smile as opposed to showing it off in social situations and when pictures are snapped, is it because you’re self-conscious that your teeth have yellowed over time? Tooth discoloration is a common problem, but the good news is there’s an effective treatment that makes them gleam.

As a highly respected and sought-after dental professional, Dr. Alistair Saeghi offers only the best products and treatment platforms to his patients at his offices in Los Angeles, Ojai, and West Hills, California. He opted to adopt the Philips Zoom tooth-whitening system because of its effectiveness and how consistent results are for his patients. The treatment offers multiple benefits and long-lasting whiteness. 

What causes yellow, stained teeth?

A range of things can lead to discolored teeth, but food and drink are the primary causes. Foods and beverages known to stain teeth include:

The more vivid the color of a food or drink, the likelier it is to lead to staining, but even those light-colored acidic ones cause yellowing. 

Other things that cause your teeth to look yellow are tobacco, certain medications, and some medical conditions that interfere with enamel and dentin development. Tooth whiteness (or lack of it) runs in families, too, and just getting older, your teeth become less translucent and enamel wears away, so they darken. Finally, trauma to a tooth from an accident or injury  can stain it permanently.

A game-changing, simple solution for tooth-whitening 

The Philips Zoom whitening treatment that Dr. Saeghi performs is hailed by patients as nothing short of transformative. Their other favorite things about it?

When you visit us to receive your whitening treatment, Dr. Saeghi talks to you about any sensitivity issues you may have so he can address them if needed. Then he has the ability to compare your teeth to myriad shades so together you can select precisely the right white for your teeth. He knows how to match the shade so that your smile will not only dazzle, but also look natural.

Next, Dr. Saeghi uses special dental tools to protect your tissue and make just your teeth accessible. He applies the special whitening agent — with no complicated and time-consuming mixing required, as with other treatments — in several stages, with brief intervals between applications. 

Upon completion of the treatment, if you notice any sensitivity, Dr. Saeghi applies a gel to relieve it. If this step is necessary, we remove the gel after a bit, when your sensitivity is resolved. Post-treatment, you should wait about 30 minutes to eat or drink.

After that, you’re done and ready to debut your fabulous new smile! 

Dr. Saeghi also counsels you on how best to maintain the results of your whitening treatment by doing things like using a straw to drink anything known to cause stains, never smoking (or quitting if you do), and rinsing your mouth well after eating and drinking foods and beverages that contribute to tooth discoloration. Another important tip: When you brush, opt for a whitening toothpaste so your brilliant whitening results are sustained. 

Dr. Saeghi aims to be your partner in achieving your healthiest, most radiant smile. Whitening is a powerful tool to reach those goals.

Call the Modern Age Dentistry office that’s most convenient for you to set up your whitening appointment, or book one online. You’ll be amazed with your new smile after your Philips Zoom treatment. 

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