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5 Little-Known Benefits of Dental Implants

A dental implant is an exciting solution for the estimated 178 million adults who are missing at least one tooth. An implant acts as your tooth’s new root. It’s a tiny post made out of titanium that is placed in your bone socket where your real tooth used to be. Then, after your jaw heals, you receive an abutment that holds the restoration, similar to  a crown, so you can eat, chew, and speak just as if you had a natural tooth.

Dr. Alistair Saeghi is an implant expert, and the team at Modern Age Dentistry  supports you as you undergo the implant process, which requires several office visits and a healing period after your implant is placed. The expertise and care that define our practice means that you — and your smile — are in the best hands.

The dental implant process at a glance

When you see Dr. Saeghi for an implant procedure, he first places the titanium post into your bone socket. Then you need a month or two of healing time, during which your gum starts to envelop the root implant. After this healing  takes place, Dr. Saeghi connects a small abutment to the implant, which will hold your restoration. 

Next, a new tooth or teeth are created based on a model that we took of your bite, so the fit is precise. The new  tooth is created to match the shade of your existing teeth exactly, to ensure that it looks completely natural. It also functions just like your natural teeth. If you choose, you can ask for a removable denture as opposed to a crown.

Were you aware of these important dental implant advantages?

You may be surprised to learn about some of the significant, but less discussed, plusses that a dental implant offers.

1. A permanent solution to a missing tooth

Having a hassle-free, long-lasting treatment for a missing tooth is liberating. You no longer have to worry about your teeth shifting, speech or chewing problems, or a higher chance for decay of the teeth that surround your gap. Caring for your implant properly by brushing and flossing regularly means you’re likely to have it for a lifetime. 

2. A setup for better oral health

Teeth that shift can become crooked, which makes them harder to keep clean. This puts you at risk for decay and gum disease. Opting for a dental implant prevents this potentially harmful tooth movement.

3. No limitations to remember about what you can eat

If you get a dental implant, you don’t have to forsake your favorite foods that are usually verboten with options like dentures. Enjoy your meat, nuts, candy (in moderation of course), and other loved foods with your implant.

4. Bone-protecting qualities

A dental implant actually stimulates bone growth and helps to stop bone loss, both pivotal for your long-term oral health.

5. You’re free from feeling self-conscious about your smile

The benefits of a dental implant go beyond your oral health, which of course is a top priority for you. How you feel about your appearance is also important. With the advanced and permanent solution of a dental implant, you can smile wide with confidence, knowing that no one will be able to tell you have anything but a full set of dazzling, natural teeth.

It’s time to discuss dental implants with Dr. Saeghi if you’re missing any teeth — the treatment preserves your oral health, bone integrity, beautiful smile, and more.

Call the Modern Age Dentistry office that’s most convenient to you and set up an appointment with us to learn more about the dental implant process. We have offices in Los Angeles, West Hills and Ojai, California. You can also use our convenient online booking tool.

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